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Mohawks Malinois

Let me start by saying I can not say enough good stuff about John and Paula, Mohawk Malinois or their dogs! Even though my experience comes from them helping with one of my German Shepherds!!! I absolutely love them, our entire family loves them. We love them for MANY reasons but the biggest reason is they saved our family the grief and heartbreak of losing our male German Shepherd Ace.
Ace is a 100lb epitome of what German Shepherds are meant to be. He is very loving and goofy, a gentle giant but will protect his human at all cost. My husband purchased Ace from a local breeder and being his first German Shepherd didn't know or have the experience to know that he should have started training and work immediately. In spite of that, Ace always has been a well adjusted all around great dog. We are incredibly lucky. I came into Ace's life when he was about 9 months old and he is now 5 years old. I have never experienced such a bond with any animal the way I have with Ace. I have 4 children and my husband has 2, Ace adores children and absolutely loves "his" children.
Now onto the issue we needed Mohawk Malinois John and Paula in our life for.
Ace had two occasions, due to lack of training, that he interrupted certain interactions to be dangerous to me and reacted quickly and in a manner that was aggressive toward a family member. I reacted quickly to control Ace and he did not cause serious injury. But because this happened with a family member I was confused, upset, heartbroken and a ton of other emotions. I felt this was unacceptable and needed an experienced professional German Shepherd trainer to help me decide what to do next and how to best handle this for my family. I contacted a well known trainer in our area that specializes in the German Shepherd breed. In a phone call I described the situation and Ace and his relationship with the humans involved, without meeting Ace or my family the trainer told me Ace was a danger to my children and could never be trusted in any home with any family. We were told he needed to be removed from the home immediately and this trainer was making arrangements for Ace to be put with a K9 trainer and to be placed with a police officer to work. My heart was broken! I can't even explain the pain I was in.
Months maybe a year prior to Ace's incident, I had heard of this not very well known breed of dog, Belgian Malinois. I became intensely interested in this breed and was reading and learning as much as possible about them. During all of that reading I had came across Mohawk Malinois and read how incredible the Mali's that are coming from this place are. I never read one bad thing about Mohawk John or his establishment. I started following him on Facebook and determined to eventually have one of the Mali's coming from Mohawk Malinois. Never once thought I would make contact with John and Paula concerning my German Shepherds. But....I was being faced with losing Ace and something in my gut was telling me Ace wasn't aggressive, certainly not untrustworthy and I was not getting a honest accurate evaluation of my dog. How could I, the trainer never met Ace or my family!!! So out of desperation and the love for my dog I took a chance and sent John a private message on Facebook. I thought at the very least he may know someone that can help me. John was out of town and I didn't get a response immediately, but he messaged me back explaining he was out of town but will get with me soon. I immediately seen how he has such a great reputation and I was impressed! The next contact was asking for more info on Ace and asked for me to bring Ace to meet him. I of course was asking if he thought I needed to allow Ace to go to a police officer with the intent to be trained to work. He was straight forward and said he couldn't know that without spending time with Ace. Arrangements were made and Ace was going to meet John. Ace and I spent time with John playing and talking and basically letting John observe Ace. I was beyond happy when John said Ace was not aggressive and shouldn't be removed from his family but did need to learn a few things and the word no. John asked me to bring Ace back to meet Paula so she could give her opinion. Ace meet Paula and then they made the offer to take Ace and train him and give him some commands that make it easier for me to control Ace and teach him to take his cues from me. John also let me know that if anytime during Ace's training if he sees anything that concerns them or if Ace did prove to be aggressive they would contact me and we would discuss the best way to proceed. But at this point the intention was to work to keep Ace with his family. They made this offer for one reason....for the best interest of Ace and our family! Within 2 weeks Ace was packed up and went to live with John, Paula and the Mali's for a month. I knew from previously following John and Mohawk Malinois that there wasn't anyone better able to handle Ace but I was pleasantly surprised they not only took on a dog they didn't breed but took on a dog that wasn't a Belgian Malinois. Their love for dogs isn't based on a specific breed, it's purely out of love for dogs and dogs bond with their humans. They could have easily directed me somewhere else because Ace isn't their breed but they went above and beyond and took Ace into their home to train him and work with him so Ace could remain with his family. Many things stood out with John and Paula but one of the first things said to me was Ace could be trained to work with a police officer to do K9 work but at the end of the day Ace still needed to be a dog and a companion, a family member. The two things are not separate, a K9 still has to be a family pet at the end of his shift and he didn't need to be sent away to be someone else's family pet, he needed to be with his family. That is the love they have not only for Ace and Mali's but all dogs and breeds. That is also how they train their Mali's and that's why their dogs have the reputation they do and the ability to not only work and work hard but at the end of the day go home and get to be a very loved part of their handler's family. That's Not just Mali's any breed John and Paula take into their home and training program.
Ace was loved and cared for as if he was their personal dog the entire time they worked with him. One concern I had by allowing Ace to live with them and being trained away from our family was that Ace's personality and uniqueness that made Ace, Ace would be taken away. I was afraid his spirit would be broken. That is not how they train any dog, they put lots of love into the dogs and their training. They got to know Ace and who he is as an individual and used that to work a program that fit Ace. John got to know Ace so well that he picked up immediately when Ace was missing his family and wasn't able to learn or work because he needed his family. We immediately got a phone call saying Ace needed me to bring the kids and come see him as soon as we could. He explained nothing was wrong but Ace needed a visit. We visited several times while Ace was with John and Paula. Ace was always happy to see us and eager to demonstrate what he was learning. Most importantly to me was Ace's interaction with John and Paula, he loves them and was happy with them. When I take Ace back for a visit or just to brush up on my training, Ace is excited and happy to see them and very affectionate as if they are his family. Ace truly loves them. That only happened because they loved Ace first.
When Ace came home that was not the end of our relationship with John and Paula it was just the beginning. I frequently get invited to bring not only Ace but also my female German shepherd Bella out to train/work and learn new techniques to apply to their daily "workouts". I also frequently get text or phone calls just checking on us and see how things are going. I have many times called asking for advise or to just brag on how great Ace is doing!!!
They truly saved our family. We almost lost Ace from being advised by someone that doesn't have the same love and passion for dogs. I don't know what made me take the chance and contact Mohawk Malinois about my German Shepherd but I am forever grateful they took the time to return my messages and meet my Ace. Even more grateful they welcomed Ace into their home and took the time to teach him how to handle any situation appropriately and have a more fulfilling life with his family. They did it all because of their love for dogs and love/respect for the importance of dogs in human lives.
Because of John, Paula and Mohawks Malinois...Ace not only is the same goofy fun loving dog he was before but his life is so much fuller because of his training. Ace was NOT broken so they could build him back up....They didn't take anything from Ace, they took the time to get to know Ace so they could approach his training in a way that fit his personality and natural strengths and instincts. I have complete confidence that I can handle Ace in any situation we get into with the training we received from Mohawks Malinois. I also still have 100% faith and trust that Ace will protect me at all cost which is as important to me as being able to unconditionally trust Ace with any member of my family.
I can not speak highly enough of John and Paula and they are the only people I would trust or recommend to any friend looking for a trainer or breeder. When the time comes to add another dog to our family it will only be with the guidance of John and Paula and their willingness to train another dog for us. They have inspired my drive to do more with our dogs and become more involved in dog sports.
Amanda D. Brooks

Amanda Brooks

I have known John at Mohawk’s Malinois for a little over a year. I had heard of his reputation for
several years as a provider of top notch dogs for all works of life from police
and security work to excellent protection d...ogs. I have a female that I had
been wanting to breed and did extensive research on the lines she has as well
as traits that I wanted to emphasize in my breeding. I spoke to people with
excellent dogs everywhere from California to Pennsylvania. I looked at John’s
site and after researching his outstanding male Outback’s Jack, I knew he was
the one I wanted to use. I was in Afghanistan working and called John from
there. After speaking with John a few times, we agreed for my wife to bring
Cady up when she went into heat. We left Cady there for a couple of weeks. John
suggested (and we agreed) that it would be best to bring her up early in her
heat cycle so she can get comfortable with her surroundings, with John, and of
course, with Jack. We had a litter of 13 with that breeding. The puppies turned
out great. We have two working in or training for police work, one with the
Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, three training for Schutzhund, and several
training in protection work. I could not have asked for better puppies. As a
matter of fact, I kept one for myself out of that litter. I have a couple of
people who bought puppies from that litter who want a puppy out of a second
breeding. I decided to use Jack again for a second breeding for many reasons.
If I had any reservations about leaving Cady as I did not bring her the first
time, that would have changed when I got there. I let Cady out of our car and
she immediately ran up to John like she was excited to see him.

If you are interested in either a trained dog or an excellent stud for your
quality female, I cannot say enough that John is an excellent choice. In this
field, you get what you pay for. You may find cheaper stud fees, puppies, or
trained dogs, but you will be hard pressed to find better quality.


Tim Hamilton

Impressed by a jogger and his off-leash Malinois at a park, I started researching anything I could find about the breed as a potential non-working companion. A year later I reached out to a handful of breeders in the US. John was quick to respond and directed me to Mohawks’ Facebook page and YouTube channel. Watching videos of their sport trials and protection training, I couldn’t believe these were the same dogs in the pictures hanging out with infants/young children and cats(!)

I let John know what I was looking for and after emailing back and forth about available dogs, he came back with a handsome 2 year old male, Mohawks Rock’o (Jack & Lola son), housebroken and well behaved without a crate—exactly what I was looking for. Given their history of training top dogs for Schutzhund and law enforcement, I also opted to have them train Rock’o in basic obedience before picking him up. John kept me posted on his training progress the entire time, and I set a date to drive out to Kentucky from New Jersey (which I moved up in my excitement last minute, they were very accommodating).

Pickup weekend; I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d never visited a breeder before, but John, Paula, and Rock’o completely blew away any expectations I could’ve had. Although pictures are great, they don’t do a Mohawks Mal justice. Rock’o is one of the best looking dogs I’ve ever seen—rich mahogany coat and lean machine build, just a great example of quality breeding. His temperament is excellent; he’s confident but not aggressive, active but mellow enough to hang out on the couch for some TV. Just a great all around mix. John and Paula made sure to walk me through their training methods, had me practice with Rock'o while we were there, gave a ton of tips on reinforcement, and consistently checked in to see how things are going. They’re not only experts in producing the best Malinois, but they’re also great people... it's obvious they really care about the match between dog and owner. And the extra mile, I was new to the area and they showed me the best local place for quesadillas and margaritas :)

There's no other place to get a Malinois!

Jackie Rung

Rarely do you find a dog breeder that pays close attention to developing sound temperament as well as physical beauty. Mohawks Malinois is just such a breeder and we cannot be more impressed with our new addition. Although we have only had him for a week, he has been so easy to train and has quickly adapted to our home. Jax (our 10 week old male) has already achieved basic level obedience and is eager to please. I have had many dogs in my lifetime and can honestly say this little guy is THE best. It's hard to describe what a joy it has been as words really don't do him justice. I am only left with sincere gratitude to John and his breeding methods. It is not easy to achieve what John has done and only comes with a ton of hard work and ethical attention to detail. Whatever he is doing, trust me, it is incredible and worth every cent. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Brent Woodard

Brent Woodard

...Testimonial .. "Mohawks Amok" I purchased a puppy from Mohawk’s in September of 2012 and couldn’t be happier with her. I’d researched breeders and heard too from a friend that John’s dogs are quality. Amok (Ozzy/Nina female) is an amazing dog, a total spitfire with all the drive and focus I could ever want for a Schutzhund partner. The helpers in my club are always smiling when they’re catching her. She’ll be my second Malinois and I’m having a total blast training her, watch for us on the trial field next year! 
John is the most involved breeder I’ve ever dealt with, he’s always available to talk and is so supportive. I have recommended him in the past and will go back to Mohawk’s Malinois when I’m ready for another dog. He produces very consistent dogs in both type and temperament and he’s a very knowledgeable and professional breeder. Jill Lyden (she is the one in the middle)

Jill Lydon

We decided in April of 2012 to get a Malinois. We searched the web and researched dozens of breeders and websites on the breed.  We narrowed our search to a few breeders around the country and spoke to all of them. However, after about two minutes on the phone with John I pretty much made up my mind on who to go with. I was not really interested in a puppy but wanted a young dog. (six months to a year) I spoke with John quite a few times and he decided on a few dogs he had available at the time. These were young green dogs that he had started training. We finally decided on Josey (Jack & Lola breeding) with Johns assistance in letting us know her personality and traits. She was seven and a half months old.  We made the drive out to Kentucky from Delaware and were very impressed with not only the dogs of Mohawks, but more importantly John and Paula. We knew right away they were more than just a business, they truly loved and cared for their dogs.
Josey was such a great dog and had so instantly bonded with us that I wanted another one.
Getting a young dog vice a puppy really is the way to go in my opinion. Josey was already more trained then most pets ever become. I think she had one accident in the house as John and Paula raise their dogs in a home environment. I am not a dog trainer or handler and Josey is solely a pet, but her level of obedience and alertness is like nothing I have ever seen in a dog.
John contacted me a few times and wanted to know how Josey was doing or if there were any problems. I told him I really would like another Mal and would he let me know if one became available. He again came through and showed me several he had available. Two were a little older, close to a year and were well into training and another he had just started. We decided on Mohawks Moe (Ozzy & Juma breeding) a five month old and made the trip back out to Kentucky. I was a little worried that Josey may become jealous but John told me not to worry they would be fine. We have had Moe for just over a month now and he was right. Two is better then one. Moe was a little younger then Josey was when we got her but he has done perfect in the house. I would definitely recommend getting a dog that's had some very basic training over a puppy. 
I have also decided that in another few years I will add another Mohawks Mal to the family. I would never consider going to any other breeder.
Scott & Linda Morris
Delmar DE

Scott & Linda Morris

I want to start off by saying that by no means am I an expert on Malinois or protection dogs.  However, I have done my due diligence on both.  I have always owned Pitbulls and kind of thought of them as the ultimate "do it all" dog until I took a vacation this year to Fall Creek Falls State Park in East Tennessee.  There  I was amazed by a German Shepherd who was working at the horseback riding stable. I couldn't believe the focus of the dog and the understanding he had of what his job was. I left there and started researching German Shepherd breeders and was set on having one as a protection dog.  After reading a lot on the breed, I came to realize how hard it is to find a truly healthy working German Shepherd as most breeders now have watered them down trying to get a certain look as opposed to concentrating on the temperament and workability. During my researches I came across another breed, The Belgian Malinois, that I was very interested in because of the military and law enforcements trust in them. I started emailing breeders all over the country and Mohawk John, owner of Mohawks Malinois, was one of the first that actually responded , which it was not easy to get most of the other breeders to even respond.  His first question to me was "Why are you wanting a Mal?"   I told him for personal home protection and as a companion to my wife when she jogs and to hang out in the yard with the kids (I have a 6 year old and a 7 yr old).  We set up a visit and I drove to Bowling Green, Ky to his farm and met all of his Mal's.  I must admit every dog there is as social and as driven as any dog of any breed I have ever seen.  He had 2 green dogs available,  one was about a year and a half old and the other was about 6 mos old , both were awesome but not polished enough training wise (obedience / protection) for what I was after. I mentioned a dog I saw on his youtube page named Exy.  You should check the videos of Exy out for yourself .  I told him he was exactly what I wanted as long as he was good with children .  He assured me  that Exy's temperament was great and he would fit fine in my household with 2 young children .  So I left there and really thought about if I was ready for a trained protection dog to come live with us.  After 2-3 weeks of considering this I called John and we made a deal and  I purchased Exy from him. 

About dealing with John on the business side.. I purchased a 3 yr old Schutzhund trained imported Malinois (which if you have done any research on them you know they are pretty expensive,  you usually get what you pay for and in this case I feel like I did).  He was fully house trained and had ridden in a vehicle so much he knew to load up and lay in a seat and hang out like he had been doing it his whole life.  All i can say is that John is a man of his word, everything he has said about Exy and how our transaction would be done is exactly true.  He was easy to deal with and communicate with.  He always answered the phone and was quick to respond to email.  After getting Exy home , he started protecting the house within a day and when I say protecting I mean patrolling the yard but not barking at every little thing like a lot of breeds will do.  In the house he would bark and hold the front door if someone came to it. We usually put him up to have company because he is what I wanted, a home protection dog .. kind of like a weapon thats always ready.  I can say my wife and i sleep better at night knowing Exy is sleeping by the bed.  I have several firearms in the house and I always wondered if I could wake up in the night and be ready if something happened.  Since Exy is there now I feel about as secure as I can be. I have read a lot about Malinois not making good pets but I think Exy is as loving a dog as I have had, he thinks he can sit in my lap.  I also love to play ball with him , he will play ball all day everyday, his drives are non stop and the rougher you play with him the more he loves it. I have to say if you or anyone you know are looking for a personal protection dog give Mohawks Malinois a look, you will not be disappointed.  if he doesn't have a finished dog , tell him what you want , he is the best dog trainer I've seen.  Whenever we visit John for a brush up training,  my dog Exy lights up and looks at John with his tail wagging like "tell me what to do"! I'm pretty sure he loves John more than me lol.. that says a lot to me about his training techniques and his love and understanding of dogs. 

Thanks again Mohawks Malinois for the great addition to my family....  Tommy Bain

Tommy Bain

We purchased Mohawks Z'na in June 2011.  We live in California and had never ventured out of our area when looking for a dog.  I had come across John's website and followed his YouTube page for awhile so when it came time to get a dog, we called him.  He was so easy to deal with!  After some back and forth phone calls and emails, the decision was made to purchase a pup from him.  We weren't going to Kentucky so we only had John's word and a video of the pup.  Everything he said this pup would do, she does.  She is a serious worker when on the field but at home, she has an 'off' switch.  She is a very lovable girl but will 'turn on' as soon as she hits the field; she is very easy to work with!  I can't say enough good things about my dealings with John.  To this day, he will take our phone calls, emails, texts and loves to hear what his pups are doing. 

Joelyn & Philip Corrado

My name is Larry Krohn and I am the owner of Pak Masters Dog Training. Dogs are my life, and when I was ready for a new Malinois puppy I did a lot of research and narrowed it down to a couple of breeders around the country. Once I went to see John and his dogs I new I would be taking one of his puppies. All of his dogs had the drive that I wanted but what impressed me most was how social all of his dogs were. When I went to pick up my puppy it was a family affair with my wife and my two children ages 7 and 2. I was so impressed that his adult dogs were out when we arrived and we never had to worry about them with my children running around his property. That is rare with today's breeders of any working dogs. Luca is 7 months old now and he is everything I wanted on the training field and the greatest family dog at home with my kids. I made my first video with Luca at 9 weeks old so people can see what I mean and I will continue to film his progress. Thank you John, I couldn't be happier.

Larry Krohn, "Pak Masters Dog Training"

Larry Krohn, Pak Masters Dog Training

I have 26 years experience in Police K9 as a decoy, handler and supervisor and am very impressed with Mohawk Malinois. I visited Mr. Wiitanen's operation in recently looking for a green dog and bought a 12 month old male Malinois to be my next K9 partner. I have been impressed with the dog's drives, stability and sociability. He's going to be an excellent street dog and fits in excellently in my home as well. I saw several of John's adult Malinois while I was there and would have been comfortable buying any of them. When it comes to raising stable, driven, well adjusted dogs Mohawk Malinois gets it done right.

Lt. Matt Holten