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Mohawks Malinois

February 2007 I picked up Aleko from John and Paula. I flew from Virginia to
Flint, Mi. not really knowing what to expect I wanted to meet the pup's parents and see what
environment they were raised in. The dogs were inside, and John showed me the
work he does with each pup. I was pleased with her parents (Ozzy and Lola), and
decided to purchase the pup.

I took the pup home and our journey began. Almost
two years later I can say that Aleko is the best dog I've had. Her
characteristics are balanced and well rounded - her drives are amazing ( I
didn't have to build her drives, just channel them) Her temperament is stable,
and I can keep her inside without being crazy (we trained a lot for this). I
got her for Search and Rescue, and she has done very well since the beginning.
She has endurance and lots of drive, and she quickly picked up on her training
(and was forgiving with my training mistakes). As a search dog she must be
stable in all sorts of environments and with all people.

When Aleko was with John and Paula they introduced
her to odd surfaces (she's fine on kitchen floors, tiles, linoleum, etc) and I
continued that by taking her to all sorts of environments. She has rappelled
off of a 100 foot cliff (I climb and she comes to all of the crags with me).
Flown in planes, climbed ladders, been on rubble piles and gone through
helicopter training. She swims in rivers, lakes and the ocean (even after being
clobbered by waves). Her drives help her through times when she may be unsure
and is willing to do anything for her toy (her food drive is also a nice back

The perfect example of her drives getting her
through a problem: it was a rainy day at training, she was sent out to find my
teammate in the woods. She came back with a 1.5 inch nail in her paw. She
didn't whine she didn't limp, she just tugged and tugged some more. She didn't
notice the nail embedded in her paw until we have been home for an hour. An
x-ray showed that the nail almost penetrated the other side of her paw. Not
many other dogs would have worked through the pain.

Recently we have started Schutzhund. She got her BH
in October, and we will eventually (when we have time, since search takes up so
much time) go for her Schutzhund 1. She obtained her AKC CGC at 9 months old. I
had her hips x-rayed at 6 months ( I have an orthopedic vet as precaution, for
working purposes), and they're all clear. I will get her hips x-rayed again in
the next couple of months for OFA certification. (Update OFA Good)

FEMA Certified Disaster Dog for Virginia Task Force 1

Christine Harrison & Aleko

Christine Harrison & Aleko

name is Jake DeMonte and I am a Police K9 handler for the Tiffin Police
Department, in Tiffin, Ohio. After my first police dog partner passed away from
lymphoma, I began looking for a new canine partner.
As anyone in the Police K9 field can tell you, public relations are a large
part of what we do. I needed a partner that was not only capable to do the job,
but able to be social in public settings. After all, a police dog that can’t do
public demonstrations isn’t worth much from a P.R. standpoint.

I was told under great authority that some of the
best Belgian Malinois available came from Mohawks Malinois in Bowling Green,
KY. I contacted the owner of the kennel, “Mohawk” John Wiitanen . I explained
to him what I was looking for in my next partner, and he told me he had a dog
that would fit perfect for me.

I drove to Mohawks Malinois to meet the dog,
“Mohawk’s Cowboy.” Not only did I get to meet “Cowboy”, but I got to see his
mother and father, siblings and see how he interacted with us and other

I was very impressed with John and his animals.
John raises dogs in the house with him so they are not spending all of their
lives outside or in a kennel. All of his dogs are social, friendly and yet very
capable. “Cowboy” has what I call a light switch: he is able to go from being a
loving dog to having all the right drives for a police dog, and back again, in
a moment’s notice.

“Cowboy” now lives at home with me and my family,
including two other dogs and two cats. Even from the very start, “Cowboy”, now
named K9 Andy, fit in to our household as if he had been there all along. Andy
is a fun-loving, social, obedient and energetic dog.

If I ever had to get another dog, or if anyone I
know will be getting a new police dog, I will always recommend Mohawks Malinois.

K9 Officer Jake DeMonte

"Mohawk's Malinois has provided the Akron Police
Canine unit with top shelf patrol dogs giving us that well rounded unit. The
consistency with which John breeds his Mal's leads to a very hard driven and
social dog. I have not seen a dog at Mohawk's kennel that I could not take back
to our unit and turn into a working dog!"

Sgt. Dale M. Dorn

I have handled and trained police canines, both
single and dual purpose for the last twenty five years. Over the years, I have
dealt with numerous importers and breeders for the purpose of purchasing
canines for police work. During this time, I’ve had the opportunity to meet
Mohawk and spend time with his malinois. I’ve found Mohawks malinois to possess
unbelievable quality, temperaments and working drives in both puppies and
adults. Mohawk malinois is a family run business who has a passion and love for
the malinois breed. I recommend to anyone looking for a malinois puppy or adult
to contact Mohawk.

U.S.P.C.A. Judge, Dean Hunter

I decided that I wanted to get a working dog, my search took over three years
to find the right breeder. I am a dog trainer by profession and I wanted a dog
that was more on the serious side. I visited
several sports clubs, and numerous protection sport trials. I interviewed many
competitors’ on their choice of breeder, and why. I wanted this dog for many
purposes, and wanted a dog for personal protection, one that would be good in
the house with their family, and could do sport work. Well, I got exactly what
I wanted in a working dog. Incredible hunt drive, extremely fast, quick to
learn behaviors, will not stop working, and has zero health issues. It is hard
to imagine a K9 possessing all of these quality traits, but my Mohawk’s Tes is
that dog. She is maturing into the exact dog I dreamed about.

She is a love around the house with the family and
she is my wife’s best friend. This is so important and means so much to me.
Talk about on/off switch! She can go from hanging on the couch snuggling with a
family member, to the protection field and back, with ease. I also run a dog
day care and she interacts with my daycare dogs. Although she is a dominant
bitch, she uses her authority with respect. I take her everywhere, she is even
my best fishing buddy!

I had the great pleasure to visit John, and Paula
in Bowling Green, KY. I wanted to see the living conditions of their kennel. I
was surprised that no dogs were outside in kennels at all. There were no
outside kennels. All of their dogs were inside the house living with them. It
was a great visit with sincere people and comforting to know how my puppy was
introduced into this world. I was even fortunate enough to work “Outback Jack”
and see how he was able to be worked one minute, then hanging within a family setting
the next. That’s a Mohawk’s Malinois!

I highly recommend Mohawk’s Malinois. John and
Paula are the best of breeders producing solid Malinois breeding for sport,
personal protection, SAR, and police. If there is anything I need to discuss
with him, he has always been available.

I do not know of anyone more personable, and honest
as John. As a breeder, and a person. He is from that school of; a handshake
means a deal, and his word is his word, and his word is as honest as the day is
long. Anyone who would like to contact me personally to get a voice of first
hand experience please feel free to call or message me anytime.

Dave Cartier "Doggie Dave's Inc"


Dave Cartier, Doggie Dave's Inc.