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Dogs For Sale

All of our dogs are raised in the house from birth and are constantly socialized with adults, children and other animals. Here at Mohawks Malinois we feel it creates a more well rounded dog by having it be part of the family. If you want your dog to hang out with you instead of cycling from kennel to training field and back to the kennel, we have the dog or puppy for you. If you are interested in a World Class Malinois then Contact Us and we can get the process started. Young dogs sell quick please email us to see what we have available. We do not have all of our available dogs advertised on this page nor do we advertize them on Facebook.


Mohawks McCoy
Mohawks McCoy  (for sale)
D.O.B.  05/3/17
(Click on Photo for Pedigree)

mohawks pebbles2

   Mohawks Pebbles (sold)

 D.O.B  05/05/17

(Click on photo for pedigree)

rsz img 4208 Roxy
Mohawks Rox'ee  (sold)
D.O.B.  05/25/16 

rsz brandee2

   Mohawks Brand'ee (sold)

 D.O.B  06/06/15

(Click on photo for pedigree)





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Mohawks Stella  (sold)
D.O.B.  08/06/15
(Click on Photo for Pedigree)

rsz brandee2

   Mohawks Brand'ee (sold)

 D.O.B  06/06/15

(Click on photo for pedigree)

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Radio (sold) Police K9


me at mid-way k9 acadamy 308 1

  Chumlee (sold) Police K9


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Ann'ee (sold) Police K9

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 Josey (sold) Companion
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 Cowboy (Sold) Police K9

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 Uno (Sold) Police K9

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Mylo (Sold) Police K9

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Brody (SOLD) Companion/Protection

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Harley (sold) Narcotic Detection

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Bronson (Sold) Police K9

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Stella (SOLD) Police K9

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Ike (sold) Police K9
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Rilee (Sold) Police K9

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Dalton  (Sold) Police K9